Albertina Dalla Chiara's artistic personality is the end result of her experience of two outstanding piano schools: the Russian and the Austrian. In 1978 she met the well known Russian pianist and teacher Stanislav Neuhaus in Vienna who advised her to attend his training courses in Italy. Later, Neuhaus wrote to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs calling her ‘a very talented pianist who can become extremely successful’, and he suggested she attend the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Albertina Dalla Chiara was granted a scholarship by the Italian Ministry in 1982 and she then attended the further education course at the Conservatory of Moscow with Lev Nikolaevic Naumov for two years until 1984. This teacher was the heir and successor of the school of Heinrich and Stanislav Neuhaus.
Once she was back in Italy, in the Summer of 1985, she attended the advanced training courses of the Austrian pianist Rudolf Buchbinder at the Chigiana Academy of Siena and, from 1985 to 1989, she attended his lessons at the Basel Music Academy.
Alongside her music studies, she also started her career as a concert pianist at a very young age, performing both in Italy and abroad. She was on concert tours in Germany, where she played in Berlin, Hamburg and in other cities and, as a soloist, with the orchestras of the Opera Theatre of Saarbrücken, Halle, Jena and others; she played in Austria at the Schlosskonzerte in Salzburg and at the Ost-West Musikfest. She also played in Spain, in Madrid and in other cities. She played in Paris, in France, and in Yugoslavia as well as a soloist with the Beograd Strings Orchestra, in England for the University of Oxford, in Brussels in Belgium and for several music festivals, then in Malta as the soloist for the Opera Theatre and in Santiago, in Chile, for the Beethoven Foundation. She was invited by the Arena di Verona Foundation in Italy to play as a soloist with the Philharmonic Theatre Orchestra, by the Accademia Filarmonica di Verona and Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna, by the MITO SettembreMusica Festival, by the Bologna Festival, by Ferrara Musica, by the Lyceum Club and Amici della Musica from Florence, by the Malatesta Music Exhibition in Rimini, the International Chamber Music Festival in Ravello, by the Gioventù Musicale Italiana, the RAI (the Italian Broadcasting Company) at the Foro Italico in Rome and by other musical bodies.
Albertina Dalla Chiara has also had considerable experience in Chamber Music – she has played with the violinists Carlo Chiarappa, Luz Leskowitz and Gernot Winischhofer, Peter Szanto, with the cellist Zoltan Szolt Szabò, with the singer Cristina Miatello, with the Solisti della Scala and the Salzburger Solisten. She formed the Salzburger Trio together with Luz Leskowitz and Barbara Lübke, who performed to great acclaim at the concerts of the Politecnico of Turin, for the Associazione Concertante of Turin, for the Circolo Filarmonico Astigiano, the Accademia Filarmonica di Verona and in Salzburg. She also belongs to the Verona Trio with the violinist Peter Szanto and the cellist Zoltan Szolt Szabò. She works with the well-known Italian musicologists Enzo Restagno and Quirino Principe giving performances dedicated to Chopin, Satie and the impressionist period.
Albertina Dalla Chiara has given several concert lectures dedicated to the composers Frédéric Chopin, Robert Schumann, Alexander Skrjabin, Claude Debussy, as well as conducted seminaries and lectures dedicated to the teaching methods and Russian music tradition of Heinrich and Stanislav Neuhaus.
Albertina Dalla Chiara is also involved in the organisation of artistic events: she has curated concerts and lectures for many years for the historical Accademia Filarmonica of Verona, she has worked in the art direction of the Arena di Verona Foundation and in music projects with the Verona per l’Arena Foundation. She was also in charge of music projects for many years at the Verona’s Società Letteraria.

‘Albertina Dalla Chiara studied under me at the Perugia’s Summer music courses in 1979. I think she has great talent as a pianist, and is capable of great success, if she is given the chance to study with a good conductor. Studying at the Conservatory of Moscow could be of great advantage to her and I wholeheartedly support her application for a scholarship.’
(1979, Stanislav Neuhaus)

‘Since 1982, Albertina Dalla Chiara has attended my classes at the State Conservatory of Moscow. She is a very talented pianist, whose performance is so effective because of her purity and warmth as well as her artistic sensibility. She is gifted with extraordinary virtuoso skills.’
(1984, Lev Nikolaevic Naumov)

‘Albertina Dalla Chiara, student in my further training class at the Music Academy of Basle, is among the best students I have ever had. She is extremely musical with great technical abilities.’
(1987, Rudolf Buchbinder)